my name is Arnoud de Graaff. I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I still live there in a place called Gouda. During  my study at the conservatory I began to teach music. This eventually resulted in my own music school, which is called “De Goudse Saxofoonschool“.

I noticed that most of my students want to learn the same: improvise, play with songs they like,  swing properly and sound like professionals without doing a fulltime study at the conservatory. The challenge for me was to make such teaching material that my students would learn the topics I just mentioned in a easy and understandable way.

After practising my teaching material at De Goudse Saxofoonschool I decided that it was time to share my material with everyone who’s interested and started Virtual Music Education which contains the course “Make It Sound Real” which exists out of workshops you can download from my website . The workshops are ment for everyone, regardless the music style you’re playing in, which instrument you play or if you are a beginner or professional.

I also made a very handy Bluesbackingapp which you can use in a life setting. This app will bring you a lot of succes. You can download the Bluesbackingapp in the App Store or from my website. For information about the app or the online course “Make it Sound Real” you can visite my website.

At the conservatory I studied the saxophone as main instrument. Nowadays I live also as a professional saxophonist, do studio gigs and play in several bands with different music styles. A band I played in is called Caro Emerald and with the album “Deleted Scene’s From The Cuttin’ Room Floor” we beat Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” to be the longest number 1 album ever in The Netherlands. In several countries songs of this album became number one in the charge and off course we did some serious touring around the world. In 2013 I went to play in Arizona, USA with a Fats Domino Tribute band and in the summer of 2014 and 2015 I went to Brasil with a band called “The  Jig” to play in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro at the famous festival called “Rio Das Ostras”.

I hope you learn a lot from my workshops, that you use my App and that you’ll become enthusiastic to play you’re instrument. Good Luck!

If you are interested in more of my bands you can visit: www.arnouddegraaff.nl

Here you can see me in two official video clips from Caro Emerald:

This song is called “All night long” played by Woot

You can hear me in “Playground Zero”

This song is called “A night like this”