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The Blues

Welcome at the website of Virtual Music Education. My name is Arnoud de Graaff and I’m the founder of this online course.

The workshops I made have I tested in actual practice and can be followed by every musician, regardless the instrument you play, the level you play at (from beginner till professional) or the style you’re playing in. The course will definitely help you to become a better musician and teach you how to play beautiful solo’s, sound like a pro, swing properly and play with the songs you like to play with! You can listen to the introduction of each workshop by clicking on the play button.

Have fun with Make it Sound Real!

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Improvise with The Wave

Great improvise tool. Usable in every music style. Get structure in your soloing! Includes play-along. Duration about 10 minutes.

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Play with the radio

Play with the songs you like from now on. Find the key a song is written in and play the melody bij ear! Pentatonics. Duration about 12 minutes.

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Play the Blues

Improvise with statements, get more structure in your soloing. Find out in which key a blues is played by ear! Duration about 12 min.

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Sound like a pro

Learn effects like: bend, slur, growl, vibrato, fluttertonque, etc. Sound like a professional! Lots of audio examples. Duration about 17 minutes.

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Swing against Straight

Play the right swing in changeable tempo from now on! Play the accents at the right place. Audio examples. Includes play-along. Duration about 9 minutes.

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The introduction made me curious I found them challenging!



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